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When Susie and Kieran contacted me about photographing an elopement at Union Station, I knew it was going to be a unique and exciting experience. Union Station is one of the most iconic landmarks in Denver, CO, and a popular destination for weddings, engagements, and other special events. The mountains are great, but the city vibe is just as magical, so I was thrilled to be a part of this romantic adventure!

On a sunny afternoon in mid-January (yes, it’s always sunny in Denver), Susie and Kieran arrived at Union Station dressed to the nines. Susie wore a stunning white off-the-shoulder dress that twirled around her as she walked and fit her like a glove. When we were outside, Susie brought this STUNNING customized leather jacket that said “Just Married” and was honestly such a city vibe. Kieran opted for an incredible tan and black suit with a white shirt and no tie, that went well with Susie’s bouquet from the Union Station florist, Land Fall Floral Co.

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