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Five Things to Include in Your Wedding Flat Lay Photography

When you are trying to figure how to style a wedding flat lay, don’t forget these five things! They will add a lot of personality to the flat lay and elevate it beyond a simple shot.

Flat Lay Ribbons Adding ribbons to your wedding flat lay photography allows you to add color to the image while also being able to frame it. It is always a good idea to have a few different colors so you can change them to match different weddings. A few neutral colors are always good to have as well! I love chiffon and silk ribbons for this!

Vintage Props Some vintage props I've seen used in wedding photography flat lays are keys, stamps, wax seals and scissors. These add a romantic, rustic touch to the flat lay and the beautiful detailing adds texture.

Ring Dishes & Ring Boxes

These are essential for your wedding flat lay photography! They allow for the rings to be displayed together and hint towards what is to come for the married couple. The rings laid touching in a beautiful wedding dish are symbolic to the newlyweds and their lives to be shared together. Having ring dishes and ring boxes in your flat lay kit gives you lots of options!


You want to bring an extra set of envelopes in case the bride forgets to bring them herself. She’s already got a million things on her mind and this is one of those things that are often forgotten. She’ll be forever grateful to you!

Personal Details

Have the bride ask her florist for a few loose flowers, and ask her to bring an extra invitation suite. You may also want to include details like the bride's jewelry or the groom's cufflinks, perfume or cologne bottles, shoes, or other special touches.

Use this handy checklist to make sure you've got it all! And if you need flat lay items, you can rent or buy them right here from Wildly!

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